Heart Evangelista Net Worth

Heart Evangelista Net Worth: Discover Her Wealth Secrets

Heart Evangelista Net Worth

Heart Evangelista, a well-known personality in the Philippines, has made a name for herself not only in the entertainment industry but also as a successful entrepreneur. Her multi-faceted career has contributed to her impressive net worth.

Heart Evangelista Net Worth: Discover Her Wealth Secrets

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Net Worth

Heart Evangelista’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. Her diverse ventures, including acting, modeling, and entrepreneurship, have significantly contributed to her wealth.

Business Ventures

Besides her success in the entertainment industry, Heart Evangelista is also a savvy businesswoman. She is the co-founder and co-CEO of Pure Living, a reputable beauty and wellness company. Additionally, she is a co-owner of the Harlan Beach Resort in Boracay, Philippines.

Her foray into the business world has not only solidified her financial standing but has also allowed her to diversify her portfolio and establish herself as a prominent figure in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Modeling Career

Heart Evangelista’s stunning looks and graceful demeanor have also led her to a successful career in modeling. Her presence in the fashion industry has not only garnered her international recognition but has also added to her overall net worth.

Family and Other Ventures

Heart Evangelista comes from a prominent family, and her connections have also played a role in her financial success. Her family’s net worth, combined with her husband, Chiz Escudero‘s wealth, further contributes to her overall financial standing.


In conclusion, Heart Evangelista’s net worth is a result of her dedication, hard work, and ability to venture into different fields. From her successful acting and modeling career to her entrepreneurial endeavors, she has proven to be an inspiration for many aspiring individuals. Her solid financial standing serves as a testament to her success and ability to excel in various domains.


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